Workflow bucket list

Posted on 31 May 2015
Tags: software-engineering, workflow

Jotting down a brief list of workflow and technical tweaks I’m thinking about making after wrapping up dissertation stuff and before starting work.

  • Python / Numpy / Scipy / Matplotlib / ctypes → Julia: I might keep using Python for odd tasks and very rough prototyping, but Julia is maturing rapidly and seems more fit for purpose on numerical computation.
  • R → Julia: I don’t know if I can swing this for exploratory data analysis or when I want access to cutting-edge procedures, but for everything else….
  • AquamacsSublime Text
  • Papers 2 → something else: I’ve heard generally negative things about Papers 3 and Papers 2 is no longer being updated, so I’m living on borrowed time for paper and bibliography management.
  • Skim → or something else: Not sure about this one. Skim is really great but has much better annotation features now and it’s been a while since I’ve checked what else is out there. I also might be forced into this when I move away from Papers 2.
  • Make → something else
  • Numerous tabs / ^Z / fg → something like GNU Screen or tmux