Building this site

Posted on 8 Feb 2015
Tags: meta

The technical side of this site is roughly inspired by Gwern’s, in the same way that a Melanesian not-airfield is inspired by an actual functioning airfield. The intent is to not have to think about serving anything and to not leave any mutable state in someone else’s control. To this end, the source for pages will live locally with me (in pandoc-friendly formats), to be consumed by Hakyll and emitted into a bucket on Amazon S3.

“Now what’s the next step of your master plan?” (source)

Finding an authorial voice again, probably. I used to have one of those when I maintained a LiveJournal. I have one on Twitter, but it’s not suited to long-form, or even medium-form, writing.

Until I figure this out, there’s always math prose. Expect a post, later today, where I’ll justify the name of the site using some slightly non-standard notation for moment-generating functions that I’m using in a paper I’m writing up now.