First post

Posted on 7 Feb 2015
Tags: goofy

Making a first post, and trying to keep it from being entirely trivial.

Here’s a spooky song I helped create a few months back:

Here’s a short selection from a book I came across in the Boston Public Library a while ago concerning vampire hunting:

I’m going to pull out what felt to me like the highlight:

Random digging. Without obvious signs, vampire hunters are forced to randomly dig up graves and examine CORPSES.

But what is the basis for these “obvious signs”? A vampire is obligated to lie in its grave but it is not obligated to do so foolishly. Footprints can be obscured, gleaming eyes can be masked, crosses can be straightened, a soul can be lost, and so forth. But when these countermeasures are taken to an extreme, a vampire hunter can just go after the least stereotypically vampiric grave. A clever vampire—and that is the only type around to be hunted—will rig all the relevant graves to look equally suspicious. Indeed, why would a foe as impure as a vampire use a pure strategy?